Why everyone should have a blog and how to start yours!



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To blog or not to blog

That is the question.

Well, it might not be Shakespeare’s question, but it is one you might have asked yourself before.

And I’m here to tell you that you definitely should start a blog! While I might seem biased (lol a blogger telling you to blog is like a fish telling you to swim right?!) but there are a couple different reasons I find blogging fulfilling:

You create a place that is totally you!

The coolest thing about your blog is that it is 100% you! You get to choose the website layout, content, and the medium you use (Video/written/photo/social media/ or even a combination, like me). You also get to pick how intensive you make your involvement in blogging. Of course the more you put into a blog the more successful it is, but in the end, your blog is what you make it. And having something that is entirely your creation is pretty cool (in my humble opinion lol!)

You learn to succeed in long term and short term goals!

Blogging is definitely a great learning opportunity for accomplishing your goals. Every blog post is a short terms goal that needs to be accomplished. For example, a single blog post takes multiple steps such as coming up with an idea, writing (or videoing), editing the post, formatting images, working with web features, and finally hitting publish (yay!). This is in addition to social media, and overall website work. But in the end, all these short-term goals over time turn in to accomplishing one big one: a successful blog! Having the opportunity to engage in short-term goals and work towards an overall long-term goal regularly is a great way to learn to be successful and can help you improve in other aspects of life as well.

You learn to be self-driven

Since your blog is self-started and self-maintained, it is only up to you and your internal motivation to keep it going. This can seem difficult since most other aspects of our lives are motivated by some factor (school success is motivated by wanting a good grade and success at work is motivated by needing to earn money, etc) but blogging comes from the motivation to want to blog and share yourself with the world. I find this to be an amazing part of blogging since it helps you grow in what you’re passionate about (since you get to blog about what you love). Not only do you get to enjoy whatever makes you happy, but you get to learn to succeed in being self-driven as a dedicated blogger.

Have a documentation of your ideas, lessons, and experiences

This is something I’m becoming more and more grateful for now that I have been blogging for over a year. Since blogging allows you to write about your interests and then publish your content all in one area, after a while you have a document trail of you and your interests! Personally, since I write a lot of advice, I find it fun to see the advice I have learned and shared and have a file path now of how I’ve grown over time as a person. This is the aspect of blogging that doesn’t happen immediately, but after a while becomes truly priceless.

Can explore yourself and your style

The general theme of blogging is that it’s your area to be you. Making it a great place to explore your writing style and your ideas. Over time, I’ve watched my style evolve as I have as a person. Blogging let you have an outlet to explore yourself and how you want to tell stories, (which is an important aspect of yourself to know). For example, when you tell a story, what kind of light is it in? I’m often told I’m super positive and optimistic and find that comes out on my blog since it aligns with my natural personality. Blogging can be a great way for you to see yourself how others see you and allow you to be able to learn more about who you are.

Opportunity to inspire others

I think one of the most truly rewarding parts of blogging is when it has a positive impact on someone else. Whenever I get sent messages that my post has brightened someone’s day or inspired them in some way, I find my heart becomes filled with joy! Especially by writing an advice blog, I love hearing when my advice is useful and knowing that the lessons I have learned can make an impact in someone else’s life.

Now it’s time to get started!

So if you are ready to join the blogging world, I suggest going to and setting up your site there (that’s what I use and love it!) Once you create an account you can begin choosing a layout and creating content (by going to the add blog post button). I plan to write a follow-up post with more details on blogging but for now, enjoy getting started, and welcome to the blogging world!

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