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Welcome bloggers!

Congrats on creating your blog! I’m sure you have lots of questions as you begin exploring all the different WordPress features and scrolling through other blogger’s tips on getting started. Below is my step by step guide to help you get started (with pictures for my fellow visual learners out there!)


Step 1: Go to your blog’s page!

Once you have created your blog you will be given your own site and access to all the controls that help you personalize and add content to your blog. Under the tab “My Blog” (blue arrow) you can find all the basic controls in order to edit and add to your blog (red arrow). Also, in order to access your dashboard (which is useful for more detailed edits and website changes) add wp/admin to the end of your blog’s link.IMG_8192Step 2: Pick a website design!

The first step to creating your blog is picking out a layout! In order to do this, you go to the “Theme” tab (circled in green) and then choose a template. I recommend starting off with a free layout which can be found in the top right-hand corner of the page (red arrow). After clicking on the free tab, you can choose your layouts from the ones that appear below. (purple arrow). After choosing a layout, its name will appear at the top of the page and your site will be one step closer to success! (blue circle).IMG_8189Step 3: Access your post and add new ones!

Once you access your dashboard you can find a list of all your blog posts. This can also be accessed in the “My Site” area, however, your dashboard allows for more in-depth work on your blog. In the left collum (red circle) is the “Posts” section where you can access all your posts, add new posts, and edit the categories and tags that allow for the organization on your site. By clicking “All Posts” you can access the list of all your post (pink arrow) which will grow as you continue blogging!IMG_8197Step 4: Write your first story!

Time to write your first story (get excited!). In order to do so go to the “Posts” tab and click “Add New”. After doing so, you will be taken to the screen below. At the top will be a place to put your header (blue circle) and then another space below for your story (purple arrow). After that, you can begin writing whatever your heart desires. If you want to add pictures or media, click the tab to the left (pink arrow) and it will add your media in the story section where your cursor is located. Once you finish writing you can either schedule your post or publish immediately in the top right section (green circle). However, before you hit publish, you will need to read the next step!IMG_8200Step 5: Add labels and a feature image! 

Before hitting publish it is important to finalize your blog post’s featured image and organization. The “Category” box and “Tags” box (yellow arrow) allows you to tell your website where to put your post on your blog. You will be able to set up menus (stay tuned and I’ll show you this soon!) so that you can organize your post into categories and tags. This will ultimately depend on what kind of page you prefer. Below “Tags” is the “Feature Image” section (green arrow) where you can attach an image that your viewers will click on to access your post. Fun fact: higher quality images attract more views!
Step 6: Edit your blog’s appearance!
Time to talk about your blog’s appearance and menus (as promised!). As you go down the menu bar on the left side of you will find the “Appearance’ tab. This will lead you to the “Themes” button (if you want to make a change someday), the “Customize” button (to edit color, font type, etc.) and a “Menus” button (for making different pages on your blog). The menu page allows you to have different sections on your blog that can be organized by categories, tags, or even add a page that links to another site.
Step 7: Choose your preferred social media!
If you are interested in reaching more viewers and growing your site, it is going to be important to incorporate social media into your blog. For example, I use Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook to post news of my blog posts. I highly recommend Pinterest! However, if there is a certain social media you feel most comfortable with you can always start by using that and expand on other social media as you grow as a blogger. In terms of Pinterest, I recommend it because you can make “Boards” where you can publish links to your blog posts (green arrow) and then have “Boards” where you share your pins and inspirations (pink arrow). In addition, I personally have a board dedicated to my Etsy store SarahMarieGallery. (yellow arrow). You can have as many “Boards” as you want, so make it personal to you! In addition, you can add a bio section in order to promote yourself and your blog to viewers (blue circle).
Now that you know how to get started, it’s time to get excited and begin blogging!

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