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Introduction to my Northern Ireland study abroad adventure



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Hello Everyone!

I’m coming to you from Ireland! Wondering why?

Here’s the backstory…

A couple months ago, I made the decision to Study Abroad. It was the first semester of my freshman year and suddenly I was told about an opportunity to take a Law, Justice and Culture Anthropology class in Northern Ireland. The more I learned about the program, the more I knew I wanted to be on the trip. Overall, the program was an opportunity to study the country’s civil war, called the Troubles and learn more about how Northern Ireland’s laws, justice, and culture impacts people’s lives. Through the course, I prepared for the trip by reading articles on truth recovery, memorization, innovative policing techniques, and the history of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

In addition to academic education, I have learned a lot about traveling internationally. From how to book plane tickets, packing a carry-on, manage an international phone plan and all the other details that go into a great trip, this opportunity has really opened my eyes to the process of traveling.

And now for the adventure…

I’m am happy to say the adventure has begun after I arrived in Ireland this morning! I am already falling in love with this wonderful place and find it’s similarities and differences to my home life to be fascinating. A few of the many physical differences I have noticed while walking the streets of Ireland are how homes are connected side-to-side and how we are suddenly driving on the opposite side of the road. Additionally, I love how colorful the area is and the beauty of their country!

As a part of this trip, I write a journal entry every day about what I will learn and experience while here. I want my journal to be something I can look back on as a reference for what I will learn and a place of memories for my first study abroad adventure. This blog will be my way of sharing this all with you! So I hope you enjoy reading about my time in Northern Ireland and through these articles can begin to understand, like I have, how important the conflict in Northern Ireland and the process of the country’s rehabilitation is to all of us.

Stay tuned for more on this adventure and how my first day in Ireland went!

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