Top five favorites in Athens, Ohio
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Top five favorites in Athens, Ohio



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When choosing to attend college in a new place, it can be exciting to explore the new restaurants and fun places the new location has to offer. So, here is an interactive in order to keep you up-to-date on the places to be in Athens, Ohio (according to my 1400X Data Visualization class). I hope you enjoy these top five favorites in Athens, Ohio.



I enjoyed creating this graphic because it helped me learn about some new places around campus. I find it fun to explore the area around campus and check out places recommended by other students since it can be a great way of discovering and enjoying unique experiences.

For those curious, I chose to do a top 5 list because I felt this way I could visually share the places that had a higher amount of students say the place chosen was their favorite.

Also, I used the latitude and longitude coordinates of each location to place them on the map. When working on this project, I found it fun to look at these places from a geographic perspective and seeing how their locations were positioned compared to one another. This graphic really shows how some places are “get away” locations and others are in the heart of Uptown.

To create this interactive, I used Flourish  (which I highly recommend to anyone working on a data visualization project). It allows you to create interactives and has a great online support system if you find yourself having questions throughout the process.

For more stories from my experience of living in Athens, Ohio and studying at Ohio University check out this graphic that illustrates my first semester of freshman year and this multimedia story on HallOUween.

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