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Warm weather and loose summer schedules often leave people feeling adventurous and willing to try new, exciting experiences. This can be a great way to help discover and mold a regular routine into one that is more enjoyable.
For example, the summer before entering my junior year I realized I needed to fulfill an art credit in order to graduate. In order to accomplish this, I signed up for a regular online drawing course.
Having not taken an art course for many years, I began learning the basics purpose of different materials, elements, and principles of art.
When I started off, I recall feeling as if I had no artist ability, and that this course would be one I merely complete, receive a graded for, and forget about after.
However, as the class went on I found myself relaxing while drawing, and being proud of the end result of my pieces! The best part, I fell in love with making art so much that I rearranged my course schedule for the upcoming fall, and decided to take an AP studio art class in order to continue advancing and creating.
At first, trying something new can seem daunting and worthless, especially if, you feel your life schedule is already completely worked out and the new task will only result in a loss of time. However, the summer can be a wonderful time to loosen up and try new activities. Those new activities can end up allowing you to discover a whole other side of yourself, unlocking doors that never seemed possible.

*** The owl drawing above is one I completed during a summer art course. This piece was taught through the lesson of focusing on drawing the owl little by little in order to be less overwhelmed by the entire animal. The method helps new artist take creating work slow and steady -and at one section at a time- which is symbolic of how to succeed in new experiences.

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