Small ways to change your life

Small ways to change your life?



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As Type A individuals we tend to have this need for every aspect of our life to be planned out (mapped out and color coded). From future classes to future goals, we are always thinking a few steps ahead. However, sometimes life can get hectic (probably due to the fact that we tend to take on a lot lol) When this feeling hits, you can feel the need for some change in your life. To help with this, I have some tips below on small ways to change your life.


Redesign your room: Last week, I got this crazy feeling that I should redesign my dorm room and move my bed and desk (call it intuition or insanity I just knew it had to be done). Before moving everything around, my desk had been parallel to my bed. However, I wanted to motivate myself to continue powering through some difficult classes and moved my bed to fit horizontally in my room so my desk could be positioned farther forward in the room than my bed (symbolically putting my studies first). Redesigning your room can be a great way of giving yourself a visual fresh start. If moving around your furniture isn’t feasible (which would make sense for most situations) I recommend cleaning your closet or some space where you often find yourself. That way the clean and the newly organized area can help give you a clearer head and be a reminder to yourself that you have the strength to work toward your goals.


Change your iPhone wallpaper: This is another change I recently made. Personally, I changed my wallpaper to be a list of inspirational quotes and a picture I took while on a family vacation. Doing this helped change the general look of my phone and made it more than just a background. It turned my phone into a sudden source of inspiration. Anytime I go on my phone, I now see messages of encouragement on my screen. Whatever inspires you, be it quotes, or a picture of people closest to you, try making that your phone’s background. This will allow you to feel inspired as you check your phone throughout the day.


Change your pace: As Type As we tend to live fast-paced lives. While this is great in terms of productivity and success, it can start being too much to handle when you begin taking on too many tasks. I find, when life gets busy, it can be extremely helpful to set aside some time to regroup. Setting aside a couple hours to do something that clear your head can be a great way to give yourself a little stress relief and help you decide if you really needed a big life change or if you were just overwhelmed. Giving yourself time to properly reflect and regroup can be a great way to deciding what it is you need and how big of a change needs to be made in your life.


Change the lighting: Especially if you start feeling like your space is too dark! I recently took time to move my curtains in order to let more light into my room. I found this can change the entire feeling you get from your space. Changing the lighting can (literally) change how you see your area. Therefore, try adding a little light to your room and see if it can bring a little change and brighten your day.


Those are the four tips of small ways to change your life. I hope these tips are helpful and leave you feeling refreshed! For more tips on ways to improve your life and productivity check out this article on how to keep track of your thoughts and this article on nine apps to improve your productivity.  


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