Nine apps to use to become a highly productive person

Nine apps to use to become a highly productive person



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Finding the rights apps to boost productivity can be a great way of turning your phone into a productivity tool instead of distracting you from your goals. Below are nine apps to use to become a highly productive person.


Today: This app keeps your habits on track. You can set up multiple tasks you want to repeat on a regular basis in order to build healthy and helpful habits. Personally, I use this app as a reminder to study for certain classes on a regular basis and maintain regular work on personal projects. You can tell the app how often you want to work on a certain task and it will show you how well you met your goal throughout the week. Also, the design and photo-oriented backgrounds this app has are incredible (and who doesn’t like an excuse to look at beautiful pictures?!).


Wunderlist: This app is the to-do list you always wanted! It allows you to have multiple lists in one place and connect all your lists into a weekly rotational outline so you know everything you have to get done each day. I, personally, find this useful when planning out what you need to do for each class, extracurricular and miscellaneous tasks. Also, there is a “staring” feature you can use to highlight important tasks that need more of your attention.


iThoughts: If you are a visual person, this app is a lifesaver. It allows you to map out ideas, and structure more complicated thoughts, ideas, plans, or lists. You can personalize the background, design, and colors you use to have a visually pleasing outline. This app is where I map out ideas, or other larger life concepts (want to map out your studies and organize your life! Check out my past blog post on how to keep track of your thoughts!). It, also, allows you to put your maps into categories so you can organize your organized maps (it’s an organization lover’s paradise).


Scanner Pro: This app is a great way to have all your papers with you when you are on-the-go without physically carrying too much around. This app lets you scan papers and other documents through your iPhone camera into the app and saves them in folders. I find this extremely useful for saving course papers throughout the year (so you have them for your final) without having a huge stack of papers taking over your desk. Also, if you have a review sheet, syllabus, or a project overview handout, this app can be a great way of scanning that document into your phone so if you need it for a quick reference, you have it with you at all times.


Reminders: This app comes with your iPhone and is another great app for listing (now at this point you might be asking if I am obsessed with lists? And yes, you would be right haha). I love using both Reminders in addition to Wunderlist because it is a great way to separate true to-do lists and idea lists. I tend to use Reminder as a place to hold different ideas such as ideas for an upcoming blog post, or other writing ideas. This is a great way to separate the items in your life that need frequent attention and the ones that need attention in certain situations.


Kindle: The Kindle app is a must-have app for everyone who enjoys reading. While some people really enjoy physical books, (and if that’s you keep doing you!) I think this app can really help you maximize the time you spend reading. Since it is on your phone it allows you to read during moments of accidental downtime that arises throughout the day. Whether it’s standing in a long Chipotle line or waiting for class to start, this app lets you have access to the books you’ve been wanting to read.


BeFocused: While our phones can be set up to increase productivity, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media apps can often try to steal your attention. When this happens, BeFocused is there to block out distractions. This app utilizes the Pomodoro method and sets a timer for 25 minutes. In those 25 minutes, you concentrate and work as hard as you can on whatever task it is you need to do. After 25 minutes is up, you get a 5 minutes break as a reward. This helps you break down study sessions and lets you concentrate on your work (while knowing you can get back on those social media apps in just a short 25 minutes).


The Skimm: This app helps you navigate the news. While there are so many different news outlets to listen to (and I still recommend paying attention to them!) The Skimm take noteworthy stories and gives them to you in an easy to understand list. This is a great way to stay up-to-date on the general news so you can know what is going on in the world and stay informed.


Google Calendar: Throughout my life, I have always been searching for the best calendar app, and Google Calendar is just that! It allows you to easily input events and reminders, and then allows you to chose different displays. Personally, I use the “Schedule” mode most often, since it shows you your different events in an hour-by-hour list. This way you can quickly glance at the app and know what to expect throughout the day. Also, since it is connected to Google, you can access it from other devices such as a computer.


Those are the nine apps to use to become a highly productive person. I really enjoy using these to boost productivity! Are there others you find useful? Comment below if you like these or have others you enjoy. And keep being amazing!

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  2. I feel like I am a very productive person, at least I try to be. I have a good chunk of these apps on my phone but I definitely will be downloading the rest. Good thing there isn’t such thing as too productive. I am always looking for new ways to be productive and since my phone is like a growth on my body, these are great for me! Thanks!

    1. Sarah says:

      That’s so awesome! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!

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