Lessons learned from freshman to senior year



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Senior year is the year most students look forward to the most. It is seen as the year of relaxation, relief, and renewal before diving into the student’s new college lifestyle. As my senior year began I was excited to enjoy my final year of high school.

As it began this final year, I noticed that I was spending more time reflecting on the person I have become and the lessons I have learned from the world around me. I also realized how much I had changed and learned since my first day of freshman year.

For example, on my first day of classes four years ago- as a freshman- I remember sitting next to a friend of mine who was a sophomore in one of our shared courses. When we both sat down my friend placed her cell phone on her desk and left it there while the teacher was lecturing about the course overview.

Her actions left me shocked, for at my old junior high school phones were immediately taken if seen. When I saw her’s lying out in plain sight I was utterly confused. I remember watching the teacher that bell and hoping she would not notice the phone as I worried that my friend would get in trouble.

A couple days later, while talking with that same friend about the first day she explained that in high school cell phone can be on student’s desks as long as they were kept on silent. And this rule, like many others, changes as we get older.

Well, rules definitely continued to change. And with those rule changes life changes. But these changes that were once unimaginable became normal and the years that seemed so distant began occurring. It has also taught me that any change, large or small, can be confusing at first. But given time, can take you in the right direction.

After years of high school courses, I have learned academically but also have encountered many life lessons that I will carry with me through the rest of my senior year, college, and professional life.

And if you are wondering where my phone was when was in my classes the first day of my senior year? Sitting on my desk, completely forgotten about as I enjoyed a day that would turn into another great year!


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