Getting started: first steps to organization



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When referring to productivity, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it is having a well functioning planner. One that can be utilized daily in order to keep track of task and activities and allows one to juggle many different activities.

This kind of planner looks differently for different people. Over the years, I have gone back and forth between types of planners in order to manage different aspects of life. When choosing your perfect planner, first ask yourself if you would prefer a paper or digital one? While the paper planners are easier to customize, digital apps can help you manage your activities while on the go. In the end, it all depends on which one you feel the most comfortable with!
Next, choose how precise you want your planner to be. A basic list? Weekly planner? Daily? Hourly? How about minute to minute? (Yes, I have tried this method and it is amazing how detailed these planners can be!) It all depends on your routine and how you wish to plan out your events and tasks. For example, as a student, a weekly or daily planner can work best in order to manage homework assignments, upcoming test, and project. But a professional might need a more precise hour by hour planner in order to juggle meeting, tasks, and office hours.
Now, here’s where you get to go have some fun! For there are so many different planners that the next step is to go out shopping for one! Enjoy exploring all the different designed, page layouts, and planning aspects and find the one best suited for you! And when you are done, check back here for more Type A Tactics!


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