Transitioning from a quantity to quality life



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What do you want to be when you grow up?


What are you passionate about?


Throughout life, we are asked to choose one passion, turn it into a means of making money, and use it to build a career. While there are many different options and paths one can take in choosing their career, once becoming an adult, we are all expected to choose one specific field.


Through this transition from being kids (and exploring all types of learning, activities, and options) to adults, we have to narrow down and choose which path interest us the most.


While many people take different amounts of time deciding which specific path they want to choose (and many will jump between different ones throughout their life) over time, we are generally moving from a wide pool of options to choosing a particular focus.


When quantity is important


While going through the exploration period of your life, trying to maximize your time in order to do many things (or a large quantity) makes perfect sense. For example, in high school, you might take a range of different classes, be in a series of clubs or play a different sport each season.


This time of exploration is important to help you figure out what you enjoy dedicating your time to versus what is better off being done by someone else.


Personally, I loved getting to use my early and high school education as a period of exploration. Due to having a natural love for learning new things, the chance to explore many different avenues was always very exciting.


However, being in college has left me with the realization that this period in life doesn’t last forever. Eventually, we have to begin focusing in on what we want to choose as a career and shape our educational experiences around one focus. Utilizing our time now to learn how to do one thing with quality.


Moving into doing one thing of quality


It is very hard to transition into doing one thing with quality if you don’t know what that one thing is. Often people with have classes or experiences that make them realize they want to focus in on a particular topic for the rest of their life. However, until you have this eye-opening moment for yourself it is important to keep exploring (I strongly believe everyone has their special talent and passion out their just waiting to be discovered!).


Once you do have that amazing moment, it’s important to realize it’s significance. For me, I will always remember that moment like it was a two minutes ago (although, in reality, it occurred over three years ago.


When that moment happened, I knew I had found something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Once you have this experience (and you will know from the burst of happiness and importance you feel inside) you will have found your calling.


This means it’s time to start focusing on quality. While it’s important to not rush into anything too fast, it’s important to make sure you dive deeper into that passion and find ways of learning and exploring it more.


How to best transition to quality


Once you find what it is you love to do start taking time to learn about it for 30 minutes a day.


Whether it’s reading about the subject for 30 minutes a day or joining a club for hands-on experience, it’s important to take it little-by-little to grow your understanding and dive deeper into building your expertise. It’s amazing how much you can build your understanding by doing a little every day.


Developing further understanding of a subject definitely takes time, but by taking it piece-by-piece, and breaking it down over time you can continue verifying if that it is what you are most passionate about and how to incorporate it into your life.


Also, once you figure out what it is you are passionate about, finding people who share your passion and who are educated in that particular topic is important to grow your understanding.


If you are a student, this could be as simple as reaching out to a professor at your university and talking to them to learn more.


In addition to reaching out to adults, it can be great to build friendships with others students who are interested in the same specific path as you. One of the cool parts about meeting others who share your interest is that you can all discuss the topic together and learn from a variety of unique perspectives.


Ultimately, whatever you choose as your passion, dive in and get excited about it. That excitement will carry you through the times when the information is hard to understand and will keep you going through your transition from a beginner to an expert.


Finding one thing to dedicate yourself too can be extremely rewarding. So, if you are still searching, enjoy the adventure. And if you have found your perfect career match, get excited that you found what you love.

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