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Top 5 tips for travel



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Traveling is a wonderful way to open one’s eyes and heart to the world! And in order to enjoy the full experience here are a few of my tips for the next time you go on an adventure.

Try new foods: every place and culture has its own way of mixing flavors! One of the wonderful parts of traveling is getting to experience the unique taste of a place’s signature dishes. Whether it be trying maple syrup in Canada, pasta in Italy or even trying a food you have never heard of until your trip, branch out and see what life would taste like as a local!

Go on mini journeys: check out the monuments that represent how the place you are visiting came to be. Go on bike rides around the city, or hike up the mountains. Take time to engage in the tourist events and become a part of the place you are exploring. Also, make sure to branch out and try the events not often seen on traveler pamphlets. I have found that checking out local stores or thrift shops while traveling can be a fun way to find unique souvenirs and have a wonderful time exploring.

Engage in conversation: when traveling you become surrounded by so many other people in the world. Take time to talk to the person standing next to you and learn about their lives and experiences. Whether it be talking with the waiter about what they love about living in that place locally or engaging in conversation with someone in front of you in line at a tourist attraction, take time to be social. It will allow both yourself and the other person to learn about different cultures and connect with others from different backgrounds.

Celebrate national holidays: if you happen to have the fortune of traveling to a country during one of their holidays, take time to celebrate! For example, while traveling, I happen to end up in Vancouver, Canada during July 1st, Canada Day. While walking around, my family and I saw a festival going on and stopped in to engage in the festivities. We waved Canada flag, got to listen to an open concert, and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. Being surrounded by joyful people on such an important holiday for their country was eye-opening.

Document the adventure: as you can see from my photos I tend to do this through photography! But, this can also be done by keeping a journal and writing about your experiences while traveling. Whichever method works better for you make sure to have a way to look back on your trip. When traveling you tend to do lots of impactful activities and will want to look back on them after returning home.

I hope these tips are helpful for your next travels! If you have any other traveling advice please comment below and share your thoughts as well! And as Frank Borman once said, “Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.”

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