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Coming to college, and moving to a new town is always an adventure. This journey is one many new college students choose every year. The fresh start is both a welcoming and nerve-wracking quality of taking the leap into adulthood. Now that my freshman year is coming to a close, I’m enjoying looking back on some of my own freshman year memories. 


I feel like I have grown, changed, and learned so much from moving to Athens. From general independence to discovering more and more about the person I want to continue to be, college is an eye-opening experience. As I begin planning and preparing to move back home for the summer, I am realizing how much has changed from when I first moved to OU.


The video at the end of this post is a tribute to this year as it comes to a close. It has been filled with meeting some amazing people, taken some inspiring classes, and learning a lot about myself. Personally, the realization that my freshman year of college is almost over is still unbelievable. However, I’m excited for the opportunities to come and the warm weather ahead.


Of course, since this is an advice blog, below are three overall pieces of advice that seem to fit well with the overall, freshman year experience. 


Everyone is going through something: We all have our ups and down, and we all have different hurdles we have to jump over. While to you it might seem like your world is falling apart, or you aren’t keeping up at times, it’s important to remember that these struggles are part of the experience. Odds are, you aren’t struggling as much as you think and with some hard work, you will overcome the obstacle. Instead of worrying about the fact that you have some hurdles, try focusing on how strong you are and your ability to solve the issues that arise in life. 


Let yourself be socially confident: Throughout the year, I noticed how normal it is for people to wish someone else would talk to them first or make the effort to plan social outings. However, if you find yourself wishing someone else would make group plans or walk up to you at an event and start a conversation, it’s important to encourage yourself to be that person. Odds are, the other person feels the same way. While you both could really want to talk to one another, it is easy to tell yourself to wait until they speak up first. Instead, be the one who says “Hi”. For example, if you recognize someone you talked to in class at an event, worry less about if you both are “close” enough as friends to say “Hi” and just say “Hi”. It can be hard to constantly put yourself out there, however, the more you do it the more appraochable you will become to others. College is filled with insecurities, but, once you can realize that you aren’t alone and that everyone wants to make friends, it becomes a lot easier to put yourself out there. 


Make memories: College only happens for a few short years. So taking time to hang out with friends and laugh until your stomach hurts is an important part of growing and being a happy person. Some of the funniest moments I have experienced this year have been laughing at inside jokes and cracking up at a silly mistakes I’ve made with friends. Besides these spontanious happy moments, there are tons of different opportunities to get involved in and explore when at college. Taking time to find an organization that you will gladly dedicate yourself to and allow yourself to get fully invested in can leave you with some unforgettable memories. 


Ultimately, freshman year is going to leave you with a lot of new experiences, memories, and lessons. I encourage any current freshman to take time to reflect on your freshman year memories (it’s a lot of fun!).


Now, without further ado…

Here is a short video clip of some random freshman year memories of mine:)



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Feature Photo Credit: Clay Banks

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  1. Racjel says:

    Sarah, you have grown in so many ways during your freshman year. You have made new friendships while still maintaining prior ones, managing a new city and commuting on as well as off campus.
    Sarah, you have embraced many opportunities available to you and have learned so much! Continue your zest for learning and being your own best self-advocate as you explore and become more independent. I am so proud of you and glad you are home for the summer!

    1. Sarah says:

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate your constant support. I can’t wait to spend more time with you this summer! Love you<3

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